To improve the comfort and quality of life for residents in Aged Care and Retirement facilities across Australia

Core Values

  • Integrity in all endeavours
  • We treat customers, suppliers and each other as we wish to be treated
  • To have empathy and a desire to improve the quality of life for all residents
  • We succeed or fail as a team
  • We calibrate with a high level and frequency of communication
  • Continuous improvement underpins our success

Business Capability

Healthcraft Furniture was established in 2004 and has developed a comprehensive range of Aged Care furniture under the guidance of our Occupational Therapist and Access Consultant, along with feedback from Aged Care providers, demonstrating our commitment to ‘solutions-based’ outcomes for the elderly. The industry has acknowledged Healthcraft Furniture by granting us preferred supplier status to many large aged care providers, as well as the Queensland State Government’s aged care facilities.

Public & Products Liability for $20,000,000-00 through Australian Associated Motor Insurers Limited, Policy Number SMD011133139. Both Alan Monahan (Director) & Narelle Campbell (Consultant) are current holders of a National Police Certificate.

Project Management

The Healthcraft Project Management system has been designed to ensure a methodical check of the entire project in our care, by listing the work to be completed for each stage, together with a plan of the project area. The work required is ‘mapped’ with each stage shown on the project Gant Chart that is shared by Administrative, Internal and External Logistics support personnel. Each person involved in the product delivery chain is issued with a copy of these Project Documents, which describe in detail the work required for each stage of the installation.
 The Healthcraft Project Management system offers a number of benefits for the customer:

  • reduction in lost time and potential problems, due to focused procedures in key areas
  • improved supervision of Project Management and project progress, ensuring that correct  process checks are carried out, reducing errors, lost time and client inconvenience
  • greater accountability from the client’s point of view. At any time, we can demonstrate where we are in our project management program.
  • changes in the programme can be more easily accommodated, because the system clearly defines each stage of the product delivery process, ensuring continuity and greater reliability.  

Asset Management

At the completion of each project, Healthcraft supplies an Asset Management Pack in Excel format, which can be easily integrated into the client’s own Asset Management system. A Care and Maintenance Report is also included, listing the item category, item code, quantities, description, room number and warranty, along with the maintenance checklist relating to each labelled item.  

Manufacturing Capability

As part of our ‘Risk Assessment’ process and to avoid capacity constraints, Healthcraft utilises the facilities of three main manufacturing plants, which manufacture to our exacting specifications.

The majority of our products are manufactured locally to Australian Standards, to ensure high quality control, accurate delivery times and reliable after-sales service and parts. Our ‘lifecycle’ approach to the design and manufacture of our products also allows us to rigorously identify any environmental impacts. Healthcraft Furniture is also a preferred supplier to the Queensland State Government’s Aged Care facilities.

‘In Process’ checks are carried out at order confirmation stage and at 80% completion for pre-delivery defect checks. The client’s Asset Management Pack is created in Excel format to facilitate ease of integration into the client’s own Asset Management system. Checks for any defects at completion of manufacture are carried out by both the factory staff and again by our carriers, prior and post delivery to the site. Most of our products have a three year warranty, while others vary from 12 months to five years.

Competitive Pricing

Healthcraft Furniture has been widely accepted because of the ‘value’ we offer to Aged Care and Retirement owners and managers. While client budgets are coming under increasing pressure, the lowest price does not necessarily equate to value, and can result in premature replacement costs. Because of the shortened product lifecycle, the client may end up paying much more, putting further pressure on future budgets.
While Healthcraft extends every effort to drive cost efficiencies in our product design and procurement, our ‘lifecycle’ approach to product development has been well received in the market, with several clients awarding us contracts, after identifying the long term value. Client feedback tells us our quality, product design and service is appreciated and our prompt action to address any challenges that may arise is also highly valued by our clients.

Thankyou for considering Healthcraft as your furniture provider. We look forward to working with you in the future.