Why Healthcraft?

1. We’ll work with you and your consultant

Healthcraft can work with you or your architect, designer/builder to create ‘value for money’ solutions delivered on time and on budget. Our services are supported by professional systems and processes, which demonstrate our ability to complete large projects.

2. Australia Wide

Healthcraft Furniture continues to complete installations, large and small, to interstate and regional locations around Australia. Our logistics team facilitates our national furniture supply and maintains accounts with local and interstate carriers.

3. Greater Choice

Our extensive range of approved furniture provides the industry with greater choice. Traditional selections are accompanied by a range of modern options to help you maintain your competitive market position and attract the residents of the future.

4. Research & Development

Many of our products were developed in conjunction with occupational therapists and industry professionals demonstrating our commitment to solutions-based outcomes. Key elements of seat heights, widths and back depths etc are incorporated into all our chair designs to aid support, comfort and ease of access.

5. Local & Sustainable

The majority of Healthcraft’s products are manufactured locally to ensure high quality control, accurate delivery times, reliable after sales services and full warranty support. We are committed to providing products and product elements that have achieved recognised sustainability benchmarks such as: Green Building Council accreditation, Forestry Stewardship Council timbers.

6. Duty of Care

The average age of aged care residents in Australia is 85 years. With the inevitable mobility and other aged-related impairments, it is crucial that these issues are addressed in furniture design. To the residents who use the furniture, function is infinitely more important than form. Fortunately, Healthcraft can incorporate both function and good design in traditional (familiar) designs as well as modern, progressive ones, as we have a duty of care to ensure the comfort and safety of all residents, regardless of the style.